September 13, 2006

From PuTTY to OpenSSH

As part of my move to linux I need to be able to ssh through a proxy. On WinXP I used PuTTY. While PuTTY can be built on Linux, choose to start with ssh (I believe this is from openssh), but the proxy part wasn't clear. So I used corkscrew to use the proxy. I created a ~/.ssh/config file and added:

Host <destination>
ProxyCommand corkscrew <proxyname> <proxyport> %h %p

The one other thing I had to do is convert my Key from PuTTY's ppk format to openSSH format using PuTTY's Key Generator. I then used ssh-agent to handle the authentication, so my connect command looks like this:

>ssh-agent xterm

in the new terminal do:

>ssh-add openSSH_Key
>ssh user@hostname

That was it. Now to tackle multiple tunnels.

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