November 19, 2010

Alt Left Arrow in Terminal

Another Mac annoyance is jumping word to word in a terminal window. There are several forum posts about this, but I managed to get them wrong, so I'm adding another that works for me:

Open Terminal > Preferences > Settings > Keyboard.
Click the + and set values as below.
The trick is to get the textbox to take the correct value. To do this, get it in the clipboard and paste it so it looks like this.
For your ease, you can copy these values for left: \033b and right \033f.

Command-K to Search

I've been re-acclimating to working on a Mac. There are a few differences that annoy me, one of which is hitting Command-K to get to the search box in Safari. This is standard on Firefox and Chrome.

As usual on a Mac there is a solution, but it may take a bit to find the right incantation to get it working.

Open System preferences and select "Keyboard" then "Keyboard Shortcuts".
On the left select "Application Shortcuts" and click the +.
Select "Safari" for application and enter "Google Search..." for the menu title.
Enter Command-K in the shortcut box and you are all set.